Choose Different Types Of FOOD

As we all know that food is very essential to all of us. Without food we can’t imagine our life. There are different kinds of food we prepare in our daily life, however in breakfast, lunch or dinner there are many dishes to eat. Let’s discuss about what types of food we eat in our daily life.

Different types of food:

Nowadays there are many kinds of foods we eat inside or outside. Let’s see which types of food we eat in this generation.

  • Spicy Foods– Spicy foods are the most favourite one for the one who loves spicy food, but these may harm our stomach when we eat lots of spicy foods.
  • Junk foods– Nowadays Junks foods are kid’s favourites food, it is of high calories which may harm and can affect the body. We can say that it is unhealthy. It is very oily and can cause disease very easily, so, I think people eat these foods but in a very little quantity.
  • Fruits and Vegetables– This is the best foods the doctor is advised, it is healthy and provides a different nutrients and lots of vitamins. By eating these foods we can maintain our body healthy, it can improve or blood pressure, reduce heart disease and improved our digestive system.


  • Non- Vegetarian Foods– Non vegetarian foods includes meat, chicken, beefs, flesh of an animal, fish etc. There are lots of proteins in non-veg foods, the people who goes to gym, they highly prefer a non -veg foods. It is good for build your body.
  • Milk and Curd Foods– In milk there are lots of proteins available; it is primary source of nutrition. With milk there are lots of sweets can be prepared like roshgulla, rabadi, ice-creams, kulfi etc. Without milk every occasion is incomplete. Curd is produced from milk. It is good for health.

Most of the people loved to eat junk foods or street foods , although they knew very well that it may harmed to their bodies but people loved to eat these foods nowadays . It would be great if people eat maximum fruits and vegetables or pulses because it is very healthy for the body, they are the good food source.